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From roaring waterfalls to gurgling cascades, the mountains of North Georgia offer a great selection of falls.  These are some of the most popular falls in the Dahlonega area.


This waterfall cascades 600 feet to a reflecting pool.  A paved walkway begins near the reflecting pool at the bottom of the falls goes to the top of the falls.The walkway passes along a series of cascades and  on the way up becomes a combination of viewing platforms and steps to the top affording spectacular views.

Two falls, one on Curtis Creek and the other on York Creek together are called Anna Ruby Falls. Curtis Creek and York Creek join at the foot of the falls to become Smith Creek. The Curtis Creek falls plunges 153 and York Creek falls 50 feet. A paved walkway leaves the Visitors Center and follows Smith Creek on a beautiful interpretive walk to the observation platforms at the base of the two falls.

Dukes Creek Falls is on Davis Creek as it joins Dodd Creek to form Dukes Creek. For those not who do not want to take the 1 mile walk to the bottom of the gorge, there is an observation deck 0.1 miles from the parking area which has a distance view of the falls. The falls drops approximately 200 feet. The 1 mile walk to the falls from the parking area is by way of switchbacks into the Dukes Creek Gorge. Steps are provided on the steep sections of the trail down. Upon reaching the bottom a 300-foot- walkway connects 3 observation decks which afford views of the falls.

Located on the grounds of Camp Glisson, Cane Creek Falls is open to the public during daylight hours except when camp is in session. You must check into the Visitors Center prior to visiting the falls.

These Falls are located in the Chattahoochee National Forest DeSoto Falls Area. Trails lead to 2 falls on Frogtown Creek. The lower falls is .3 miles down stream from the trail head, the second is .75 miles upstream. According to legend Spanish armor belonging to the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto or one of his men was found near here which led many to believe that the expedition passed through this region in 1540 in their attempt to find gold.

There are two falls on Helton Creek in the Chattahoochee National Forests. The upper falls which has an observation deck is about 50 yards above the lower falls.

To reach these falls go north from Dahlonega on US19 21.5 miles to Neels gap. Go another 1.7 miles to Helton Creek Rd. on the right. Follow Helton Creek Rd. 2.3 miles to a Forest Service parking area on the right. About half of this distance is paved. The well maintained trail with steps to both falls is about 200 yards and not very strenuous. The walk to both falls is about 200 yards on a well maintained trail with steps on the steeper slopes.

The trail to Raven Cliff Falls is 5 miles round trip along Dodd Creek to the cliffs where the creek plunges through a narrow opening in the cliff. Along the trail to Raven Cliff Falls which follows along Dodd Creek there are several falls. This a pretty trail, walking through rhododendron and hemlock forests following the creek by numerous small waterfalls. The trail becomes fairly steep near the end. 

Dicks Creek Falls is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest just below the confluence of the Dicks and Waters Creek. These falls and the shoals above it are popular for wading and sunning in the summer.

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