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Looking for a fun activity to do with your significant other? Up for a challenge? Try geocaching!

First thing’s first—what is geocaching?

Geocaching is like a real-world treasure hunt. All you need is a GPS-enabled device (like a smart phone) and yourself! You use the GPS device to locate a cache (a hidden vessel of “treasure”) in your area. The cache might be found on a city street, in a wooded area or even under water!

Each cache contains a logbook, but there might be other surprises inside as well. You can just sign the logbook and put it back, or you can choose to share photos of your adventure online. You can also add or take away items from the cache, but remember: if you take something out of the cache, you must put something of equal or greater value back!

Millions of geocaches are located all over the world, and there are many waiting to be found in the Dahlonega area.  Please note, the caches listed below aren’t affiliated with the Dahlonega Hideaway Havens they have been added by the public. For more caches in the Dahlonega area, visit

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